Vienna is rich in art and cultural treasures. Grand concert halls, contemporary art and baroque palaces are just some of the trophy sights that you can expect from the city. Here’s how you should spend your 48 hours in Vienna.

Above Photo Credit: Christopher Rudder

Day One

48 hours in vienna
48 hours in vienna
48 hours in vienna
48 hours in vienna

Hofburg Palace
Start your day at the Habsburg monarch’s former winter residence, the Hofburg Palace. The Sisi Museum will let you learn more about their daily lives. The Spanish Riding School, which has been boasting the traditional art of haute école for 450 years, is located inside the palace walls. If you love art, don’t forget to visit the Albertina museum, which houses a collection of early 20th-century and Impressionist art.

If you want to relax, you can visit Innere Stadt’s grand alleys and plazas, which are lined with porcelain shops, boutiques and old-school confectioners. For antiques, you can visit the Dorotheum auction house. Austrian Delights is known for its regional edibles.

48 hours in vienna


48 hours in vienna

The Museums Quartier (MQ)
Maria-Theresien-Platz, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Naturhistorisches Museum – is the perfect place to stop by if you’re after contemporary art. It is also the home to the imperial stables. The dark granite MUseum MOderner Kunst (MUMOK) offers subversive and risqué exhibitions.

48 hours in vienna

MUseum MOderner Kunst (MUMOK)

48 hours in vienna

Votive Church

48 hours in vienna

Vienna Parliament Building

48 hour in vienna


48 hours in vienna

Vienna State Opera

Other spots worth visiting include the Burgtheatre, Vienna Parliament Building, Votive Church, City Garden, Vienna State Opera, Musikverein (Concert Hall), Volkstheatre, Volksgarten and ÄuBeres Burgtor.

48 hours in vienna

Ferdinand Raimund Monument

Day Two

First up is the baroque splendor of Schloss Belvedere. The Unteres and the Oberes are connected by a strip of gardens with ornamental parterres, cascading fountains and legendary beasties. The summer palace Schloss Schönbrun presents a rococo fantasy. Imagine how the Hapsburgs survived as you walk past romantic fountains, follies and the Gloriette.

48 hours in vienna

Naschmarkt – Photo by: Jarmo Martela

Enjoy your lunch at the spacious open-air larder of the city – Naschmarkt. You will find cafes and seafood stands as well as stalls packed with olives, fruits and veggies, spices, regional wines and more. After lunch, why don’t you visit the neighboring Freihausviertel, a creative and quaint neighborhood that is known for its workshops, galleries, arty cafes, delis and speciality food shops?

48 hours in vienna

Heeresgeschichtliches Museum

48 hours in vienna
48 hours in vienna
48 hours in vienna

Other places worth visiting include the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum, Vienna Secession, Karlskirche, Schottenstift, Heldendenkmal der Roten Armee and Stadtpark.

48 hours in vienna


48 hours in vienna

Vienna Secession

48 hours in vienna

Stephansdom (St. Stephen’s Cathedral) Photo by: Jesus Lasheras

48 hours in vienna

Stephansdom (St. Stephen’s Cathedral)
Standing on the remnants of 2 previous churches, St Stephen’s Cathedral is a great place to start the day. The part Gothic and part Romanesque church dates to the fourteenth century. The rooftop of the church is covered in a variety of colored tiles. You participate in a guided tour of the crypts or climb the South Tower to get a great view of the city.

Vienna is brimming with high culture. From the State Opera House to the yearly Opera Ball to the significant Habsburg-era attractions, hip restaurants, boutiques and bars, Vienna is definitely a place worth visiting.

48 hours in vienna



48 hours in Vienna


Stefan and Esther, love to travel and meet new interesting people. We had several beautiful conversations over drinks late into the night. Their home is located 15 minutes by foot from the historical center of Vienna and just 5 minutes from the Belvedere.

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This post is dedicated to my friend Dimitra.
On a more personal note… It was in Vienna when I found out about my friend/colleagues passing. She had lost her battle with ovarian cancer. I woke up to a text message from a friend of mine around 12:00 at night, asking me what time I would be attend the viewing. She didn’t know I was in Europe and 6 hours ahead of her and she didn’t know I didn’t know. Needless to say I could not sleep. The next day I wandered around Vienna like a zombie finally making it to St. Stephen’s Cathedral where i lit some candles and said a little prayer.

When I returned home I donated money for a walk her best friend put together through Ovarian Cancer of Canada. For those who wish to donate money to fight ovarian cancer you can do it through Ovarian Cancer of Canada  

“D” as I would call her was only 29 and recently married. I miss her humour and her energy.

48 hours in vienna

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48 hours in vienna

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