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Have you ever had your flight cancelled at the last minute? You were scheduled to fly out at 10:00 pm, you arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to take off like the good traveller you are, only to find out your flight has been cancelled and/or changed to 10:00 am.

Or worst case scenario you were already on the plane and a flight attendant asked you to give up your seat for her colleagues. (Hopefully, you complied and weren’t dragged off the airline).

So what do you do for accommodation? 

You could sleep in the noisy airport on the floor. You can sprawl yourself across three or four of those uncomfortable chairs. But, even if you do manage to get comfortable you know you won’t really sleep as you’ll be constantly worried about your personal belongings.

What if I told you that there was an app that will allow you to book a room based on the hours your actually need it instead of booking the full day and night. With a few clicks you can locate a nearby hotel, book your perfect room and rest, recharge, and relax for as long—or as little—as you want. You’d be able to check-in anytime with no limits and your doing it all from your mobile device.

I know what your thinking. What matter of forwarding thinking is this? 

The app is called As You Stay and they’re changing the way you book hotels. You can choose the exact check-in and check-out times without the requirement of an overnight stay. Just stop by the front desk, pick up your key, and we’ll see you later. This app is perfect for people like me who love Short Trips or don’t mind being stuck on a long layover. But it’s also good for:

  • Travelers stuck with a long layover.
  • Businesspeople ready to trade in the coffee-house chaos for a comfortable workspace.
  • Small groups needing a quick place to congregate, converse, and plan strategy.
  • Companies interested in swapping expensive overnight stays for power-packed day trips.
  • Individuals on the go in need of a quick siesta, shower, or place to unwind.
  • Anybody else who loves the sound of “check-in as early as you need, leave as late as you want.”

You can get $25 off your first booking when you use promo code TRAVELLERSCHECK and sign up here.

As You Stay

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In this video, I show you how to use As You Stay

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