Free Things To Do In Ottawa
When it came to running, I’ve always been a sprinter growing up. I despised long distance running, cross country skiing or anything that involved moving constantly over long distances. It’s funny how I love driving ( I have a Jeep Wrangler and a motorcycle. Who doesn’t like driving Jeeps and riding bikes) but I hate driving long distances. When I finally got to Ottawa I wanted to just park the car and get out and explore.
Below is a list of free things to do in Ottawa that will get your adrenaline boosted and your eyes and mind enthralled…after driving for 4 hours…

1. See a free movie outdoors during the Centretown Outdoor Film Festival. Every summer, the Centretown Outdoor Film Festival occurs. For the next 6 weeks, everyone in Ottawa is treated to a free movie to watch under a blanket of stars. This is definitely a great idea for the entire family and friends, as well as a gorgeous idea for a date night – especially on the weekends.

2. Go out early to the Rideau Canal and make rounds like a local. The canal is one of the sights that tourists pay a visit to when in Ottawa. It offers a wonderful destination all year but at early hours, it is a great place to spend calories on a bike or rollerblades. Walking and running around the canal is also a favorite of free things to do in Ottawa.

3. Watch fireworks light up downtown during Canada Day. An annual fireworks display is being held at the Parliament Hill downtown in celebration of Canada Day. Alongside with the show is a free concert that big artists in the country participate in and one of the many free things to do in Ottawa

4. Free things to do in Ottawa must include seeing the Parliament Buildings up close and personal. The parliament buildings of Ottawa symbolize the rich culture of the country and thus is imperative to pay a visit. There are guided tours for this but given the circumstance that you wanted to do things that are free, you can DIY a tour to see the historic buildings at an arm’s length.

5. Pay a visit to the wonderful Gatineau Park. Ottawa locals will always vouch for the wonderful sights of the Gatineau Park. There is plenty to do here but to have a better feel of the place, go for a little hike like in the Pink Lake which offers a wonderful sight of the lake that goes pink at sunset, hence the name. Another trail will lead to the Luskville falls, which is probably a little bit advanced in difficulty level compared to the trail of the Pink Lake but it is worth to perspire.

6. One of the best free things to do in Ottawa is going out to Andrew Hayden Park for a little picnic. The best sunset in Ottawa is probably most enjoyed in Hayden Park, while having a splendid picnic with family and friends or loved one. Stroll around or make a little tour at the lighthouse to see a much more picturesque view of the park.

Now, there is really so much to do in Ottawa without having to break your bank.


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