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The Yonge & Restless blog is named after both the longest street in the world (Yonge St.) and the spirit of the people who play, work and live in this great city called Toronto. Yonge St. also serves as the line that separates the East from West geographically and all its distinct neighbourhoods that lie in between. Lets talk Toronto. #whatsinyourbackyard

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  • Destination Ottawa httpbitly2ojuDCq In 2017 Canada celebrates 150 years ashellip
    2 weeks ago by Rudderless_travel Destination: Ottawa http://bit.ly/2ojuDCq In 2017, Canada celebrates 150 years as a nation–and Canadians will gather in their Capital to join local residents in a year of celebration. Ottawa 2017 is tasked with creating 12 full months of big, bold, immersive and moving experiences that will complement national celebrations and annual events…
  • Taking the High Line with Danielle from thethoughtcard highline nyc
    3 days ago by Rudderless_travel Taking the High Line with Danielle from  @thethoughtcard   #highline   #nyc 
  • Ottawa Photos by Rudderless Travel httpbitly2oCGaPq Here are some Ottawahellip
    1 week ago by Rudderless_travel Ottawa Photos by Rudderless Travel http://bit.ly/2oCGaPq Here are some Ottawa photos from the capital of Canada
  • I love Toronto streetart
    1 week ago by Rudderless_travel I love  #Toronto   #streetart 
  • Ottawa Videos by Rudderless Travel httpbitly2oeQs4n Its about a 4hellip
    1 week ago by Rudderless_travel Ottawa Videos by Rudderless Travel http://bit.ly/2oeQs4n It’s about a 4, 41/2 hour drive from Toronto to Canada’s capital Ottawa. As Canada celebrates its 150th birthday, we figure this is the best way to start 2017

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