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“An iPod, a phone, an internet mobile communicator… these are NOT three separate devices! And we are calling it iPhone! Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone. And here it is…”

-Steve Jobs

Landing Gear gives you the latest and greatest travel apps and travel gear updates.
The key to maximizing our time in a city with only 48 hours, 2 days or 1 weekend is how we use our travel apps and travel gear.

Toronto in Time App

The Toronto in Time app will take you back... I just finished my long awaited 48 Hour Toronto Itinerary post. I say long over due because Toronto is the city I was born in, raised in, work in and play in. Yet somehow Toronto has eluded me.  I've been to...

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Hitlist app: Travel Inspiration Meets Travel Deals.

For this edition of Landing Gear, I have another app that will save you money on flights. The Hitlist App! Woo-Hoo!!! Hey wait. Where are you going? Ok, ok, yeah I know every flight related app is trying to save you money on flights. I have yet to hear of...

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As You Stay – Anytime Hotel Booking

Sponsored Post - As You Stay Have you ever had your flight cancelled at the last minute? You were scheduled to fly out at 10:00 pm, you arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to take off like the good traveller you are, only to find out your flight has been cancelled...

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Sygic Travel: Trip Planner & City Guide

Sponsored Post - Sygic Travel The most difficult thing about attempting to explore a city on a layover or planning short trips or a weekend getaway are the logistics. Rightfully so as getting your bearings in a city, you've never visited before is challenging.  I...

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GPSmyCity: Lose Yourself Without Getting Lost

Sponsored Post - GPSmyCity Paper Maps & Guide Books Please tell me your not one of the many people I see standing on the corner holding a big map; looking up, looking down, looking left, looking down, looking right, looking down...again etc. Oh and I...

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Google Trips

Google Trips Researching a new destination can be both exciting for some and stressfully nerve racking for others. Your see here at Rudderless we like to focus on short trips and in order to make short trips successful we need really good apps. Great navigation apps...

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Rome2rio: discover how to get anywhere

When it comes to navigation we all have our favorites but I found one app that I seem to be using over and over and over. Especially during my research and planning stages. Simple and straightforward in its design and function yet powerful in its process. The sole...

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OffMaps 2 – The Cheapest Way To Navigate Abroad

We all heard the cliche. In order to find yourself, you have to lose yourself. Yeah, yeah it's all poetic and beautiful and deep and inspiring but when you only have 48 hours in a city, time is of the essence.  Getting lost is the best way to explore a city no doubt...

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Airbnb App: Live Like A Local

Airbnb App: Booking homes from local hosts in 191+ countries If Airbnb was a contact in my little black book, the page would be worn out. Dogeared page corners, letters, and numbers a bit smudged because of beer spills and coffee stains, Marilyn Monroe type, red...

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Skyscanner App: Fly for less with Skyscanner

The Skyscanner App The average person doesn’t need to think twice about getting out of town for 48-hour travel adventure or a long weekend of stressless fun. You've been on your office computer with the mouse pointer on the browsers minimize button, should your boss...

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