Lisbons Most Exciting Festivals

When it comes to Lisbon’s most exciting festivals, the capital city of Portugal boasts some of the best for visitors and locals alike to enjoy throughout the year. Here are just a few of Lisbon’s most exciting festivals. Carnival Loule is a colorful and vibrant celebration held every February in the city. It has the distinction of being the oldest continuously held event in Portugal, running for more than 100 years annually. Here you can watch parades, enjoy the sounds of samba music, and take in the entertaining displays of floats and dancers on the city streets.


Lisbons Festivals

Music is an important part of Portuguese culture and one of Lisbon’s most exciting festivals is Fado music. Fado Music is the traditional folk music of the country, and can be enjoyed in a variety of restaurants throughout the city on any given day. It’s also featured at various music festivals, including celebrations for Festas de Lisboa, which is held throughout the month of June.


Lisbons Festivals

Another oner of Lisbon’s most exciting festivals is The National Agriculture Festival is held in June, and although it may not sound like the most exciting theme, it actually features a variety of fun events. From live musical performances to bullfights to bull running, it’s a high energy event not to be missed.

No matter when you’re coming to visit Portugal, you should be sure to check if there is a festival planned during your stay. There are a variety of cultural events held in every season, focusing on music, film, religious events, and much more. Be attending some of Lisbon’s most exciting festivals, you’ll gain a greater insight into the country’s culture, and have a great time doing so.

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