The Cap Guys

The Challenge

The Cap Guys understand that if a picture is worth 1000 words then a video would be worth significantly more. Plus having video on their site well also help their website rank higher with Google. They are always looking for some hi-res pictures to use for various campaigns and on the products themselves. They made a lot of big improvements to their online store and wanted to start attracting global clients. The challenge for the Cap Guys is finding the time and the right person to handle some of their photography, videography and editing needs. Also, with the company based here in Toronto, they want some help getting their product out to the global market?

The Solution

When the co-owner of The Cap Guys older brother is a photographer, videographer and video editor with a travel blog that features local and global video episodes…they started with who they trust. But it’s not just about family. For The Cap Guys it’s about feeling confident in knowing that the person they hire not just understands but believes in The Cap Guys brand.
The relationship between Rudderless and The Cap Guys Is a beautiful on going partnership. Together we have plenty of projects coming down the pipe but here’s what we worked on lately:

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Origins & 6 Visions (2016)

  • The Origins hat design is a focusing on form, function, minimalistic design, colours and fabrication. We wanted to showcase the many different colour choices by filming many different people. One of the many events in Toronto that generate millions of visitors every year is The Taste Of The Danforth. We took to the skies to get aerial footage of the festival to incorporate in our video.
  • To showcase a sublime ‘vision’ of Toronto. This unique design features a carefully crafted number 6 with a sleek and subtle eye within it. Since the eye represents the many unique perspectives, creativity, visions, and stunning views of this amazing city we love and the people who reside in it. The 6 is a reference to the downtown area codes of Toronto, which are 416 and 647, it also pays homage to the 6 municipalities which amalgamated to form the Megacity. The best way to showcase this was to take to the skies and film many views of the city of Toronto.


The Cap Guys
The Cap Guys


Hustle (2016-2015)

  • While filming our web series In My Own Backyard around Toronto. We compiled a library of hi-res pictures (street signs, architecture, landscapes) making it easy for The Cap Guys (TGC) to access and select the perfect picture to be incorporated on the brim of their newest hat “Hustle”.


“Christopher is an amazing video editor! He took still images of our hats, mixed it with live video, animation and text and brought our products to life! The videos helped to drive traffic to our website and covert to sales. Christopher will definitely be doing more of our videos in the future!”

Mark Anthony Rudder

Creative Director, The Cap Guys Inc.


416 Product Ad (2015)

  • Work with TCG to produce a series of video ads for their Inspired Exclusives products.

The Doctor Bird Product Ad (2015)

The Cap Guys
The Cap Guys

Behind The Scenes

The Cap Guys
The Cap Guys
The Cap Guys
The Cap Guys

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