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With the wind in our sails we head to the Algarve Coast. Lagos Portugal. First stop a boat ride out to the famous grottos. Oh and the beach, babes, beach volley-ball played by babes and beer…

Rudderless in Lagos. In this episode host Christopher Rudder takes to the sky parasailing over the ocean with a birds eye view of the beautiful grottos. Fish for dinner and…oh right. Beaches, babes, beach volley-ball played by babes and beer…

I’ve got two places I like to be. Portugal is one.

Cliff Richard


Lagos Eats

Lets face it, Lagos is a place for the party crowd, the retired crowd and the family crowd. The daily agenda goes something like this: Wake up late, shower, dress in or bring swimwear/swim gear, have brunch/lunch, head to a beach, sleep some more, swim, tan, read a book, partake in a beach activity/sport, shop, eat dinner and go home or go to a bar/club. Repeat. It’s Portugal so the food of preference are: fish, seafood, chicken (with peetey-peetey), pastries, fresh or canned sardines. I recommend, as did Trip Advisor, Adega da Marina. There is a line to get it but it is well worth it. Trust me.


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