Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.

― Bo Derek 

I can’t even begin to count how many times I’ve been asked about my preferred travel gear and the cameras I use to film our video blogs (vlogs). So I decided to compile all of those things on this page. Below you will see some of the items that I personally own and use both Internationally and Nationally for travel and projects for clients. I have recommended these products countless times to family, friends, readers / viewers of this blog and on our social media networks.

As I continuously and products to this page I realized two things:

  1. How much money I’ve spent over the years…WOW.
  2. My travel style may not be the same as yours. Therefore, please scrutinize the items below as applied to your destination and itinerary.

If you have any questions about any of the items below please contact me.
Be Rudderless, Safe Travels!



The Cap Guys

The Cap Guys is my brother’s company and I’ve watched him and his business partner grow the company over the years .I’ve put a lot of my own skills, ideas and time into various projects for The Cap Guys too. Everything from introducing them to Heart Beats TO, to several videography and photography campaigns. In fact, the picture of the Toronto skyline used under the brim of the Hustle hat was a picture I took. Funny thing, I don’t actually wear hats because I have dreads but I know how my brother is when it come to quality, so promoting The Cap Guys has become second nature.

The Cap Guys Hustle hat incorporates a photograph of the the iconic Toronto skyline taken by Rudderless’ very own Christopher Rudder READ MORE

The Cap Guys / Inspired Exclusives
Men’s 416 Toronto PU Strapback Cap O/S Black/Red – $39.99

The Cap Guys / Inspired Exclusives
Men’s 416 Toronto Snapback Cap O/S Black/Red
– $34.99 

The Cap Guys / Inspired Exclusives
Men’s 416 Toronto PU Strapback Cap O/S Black/Red

The Cap Guys | Inspired Exclusives
Men’s 416 – Toronto Strapback Hat O/S Red
– $40.00 

HeartBeats TO

Inspired Exclusives
Men’s HeartBeats T.O. Snapback Hat O/S Black – $55.00 

Inspired Exclusives
Men’s HeartBeats T.O. Strapback Hat O/S Black – $55.00

Inspired Exclusives
Men’s HeartBeats T.O. Snapback Hat O/S Black – $45.00

**Watch our In My Own Backyard, Interview Feature with HeartBeats TO Co Founder Samia Mirza**

See how we worked with HeartBeats TO and The Cap Guys.
Visit Our Portfolio:

Under Armour

The bulk of my travelling over the years has been been done in the warmer and sometimes blazing hot summer months. If your like me and hate the feeling of sweaty wet shirts on your skin then you’ll love Under Armour. Under Armour pioneered the technology that allows water from your skin to pass through the material and dry quickly leaving you feeling dry and comfortable. I wear Under Armour shirts when I work out or rollerblade and I wear Under Armour Polo Shirts when I’m in the office. I always pack every Under Armour shirt I own when I travel and because the material is so thin they take up less space in the suitcase. Plus, they don’t wrinkle and they dry super fast when washed and hung.


Yes I’m one of those people. You know, the type who is always on their smart phone. I’m a huge fan of technology, gadgets and apps hence our Landing Gear Blog. (Maybe it the James Bond in me) I’m not going to get into the whole debate about which smart device is the best as they all have strengths and weaknesses but I will say that I do prefer Apple. Mainly, for the simplicity and beauty of their products and software. Plus I have many years invested in the whole Apple ecosystem (From iPods, iPhones and iPads to Apple TV, iCloud and Mac Book…not including all the Apple software I use)

Apple iPhone 6, Space Gray, 64 GB (Unlocked) – $899.00

Selfie Stick
– $31.21

Apple iPad Air 2, White, 32 GB – $797.10

Cannon Powershot ELPH 360 HS Silver – $269.99
See More Colours

External Charging Device (iPhone, iPad etc)
NexxTech 7500mAh Power Bank – $69.99

Videography | Photography

My very first camera was a Canon Elph and I brought that camera every where. Over the years as my skills improved I went through many cameras, each one of them being a Canon. I think that once you get used to a brands particular set up and then seeing that same set up transfer from camera to camera, it made it easy to stick with the same brand. I always felt comfortable with Canon.
Please Note: I am a professional videographer & photographer so the gear displayed in this section may not be for everyone.



Professional Camcorder
Canon XA30
 – $2,399.99

DSLR Camera
Canon EOS Rebel T5i
– $829.99


Camcorder Microphone
Rode NTG-1
– $799.00

Camera Microphone
Aputure Imaging Industries V-Mic D2 – $165.55


Camera Accessories

DLSR Camera Accessories
Peak Design Capture Camera Clip – $79.99

DLSR Camera Accessories
Peak Design Capture LensClip – $231.30


DLSR Camera Accessories
OP/TECH Pro Loop Strap – $35.11

DLSR Camera Accessories
Manfrotto Compact Tripod – $102.33


Quadcopter Camera
DJI Phantom 3, Standard  $499.00

Quadcopter Camera Gear
LowePro Drone Bag 

Quadcopter Camera Gear
Justoshop Remote Signal Extender 

Adventure Camcorder Accessories
Neewer Protective Camera Lens Cap – $13.38


Filming Riverdale Park for In My Own Backyard


Adventure Camcorder
Contour ROAM 3 – $254.73

Adventure Camcorder Accessories
Contour Head Mount – $40.85

Adventure Camcorder Accessories
Contour Flex Strap Mount – $24.95

Filming Rudderless, In My Own Backyard & Uncharted over land, sea and air with the Contour.

Hardware | Software

As your blog grows your going to want to move away from a WordPress or some other blogging platform self hosted site to something with more freedom. In the case of WordPress, in order for you to access the endless array of 3rd party plugins that will allow your blog/website to be and perform the way what you want and need, you will need to get web hosting. Everyone has their opinion and pros and cons based on their experiences about which web hosting is the best. They are all more less the same, offering the same or similar  features for more or less the same price points. Personally I use BlueHost and I’ve had no issues and good customer service so far.


About Me:
Using the latest travel apps, technology, and gear, I take a city; see the sights, taste the food, smell the roses, hear the stories and feel the love. All in 48 hours. Then, using videography & editing, photography and writing I retell and share those stories with my readers and viewers.

I'm Christopher Rudder and welcome to Rudderless Travel.

Read more about me here: Being Rudderless With Christopher Rudder
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and here: A Consultant for Special Needs Students, AND a Travel Blogger!

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