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After leaving Cappadocia, (Tales From The Throne – Part 1) transferring through Istanbul and arriving in Athens, I’ve been on edge. 

After eating some shady kabob in Cappadocia I’ve been dealing with diarrhea and I can not seem to calm my stomach down. 

I purchased some diarrhea pills from a pharmacy in the Istanbul airport and its sort of keeping everything at bay. 

I went to the bathroom upon arriving in Athens and again before jumping in a taxi. Now usually we would avoid taxi’s if at all possible in order to save a little money but with my stomach at war with that kabob I wasn’t taking any chances. The entire cab ride to the Airbnb accommodation I was hoping I won’t need a washroom. 

Final, we arrived at the accommodation. I made it! Now we are waiting for our host. And we are still waiting for our host. Um, where is our host By checking our Airbnb messages, we managed to drain what ever data we had left over from our SIM cards but she did say she was stuck in a meeting and running late. Normally I wouldn’t care if a host was running a bit late but today…I most definately care. Every second felt like an hour and unfortunately the inevitable came.

I had to go… 

Luckilky, I knew this was bound to happen while waiting.  So as we waited for our host I was scanning the streets to see what was around and noticed a pizzeria up the street. I made my way to the pizzeria and found the washroom. 

Crisis averted.

Finally, our host Tatiana arrived. What felt like 2-3 hours was really like 15-30 minutes. She was an amazing host and a beautiful person. I’m still friends with her on Facebook today. 

We talked at length about travelling and life in Athens. Her Cute & Cozy apt., in the Heart of Athens was just perfect. 

Before she left she wanted to quickly show us the apartment and explain the procedure for using the washroom. 

Procedure? Pardon, what now?

She explained that after using the washroom you need to wipe yourself with the toilet paper then put it in the waste basket. 

Excuse me? Is that a joke? 

Tatiana said that the pipes in Athens are so small that toilet paper will clog the pipes and cause the toilet bowl to overflow. 

Apparently, this is no joke. 

“But newsflash, I have diarrhea and your asking me to do what now?” I said to myself. Obviously not a fan of this new procedure Tatiana left us with. We went out for a quick walk and stumbled across a pharmacy so i purchased more diarrhea pills.

Over the next couple of days  I was doing a bit better, I wasn’t totally in the clear but I was using the washroom a bit less.  

As we explored the city I kept mental notes of where the nearest washrooms where should I need to double back. This worked out fine and when I needed to use a washroom I was able to find one. 

But let me tell you, Tatiana wasn’t lying. Every washroom in Athens had a waste basket with a lid beside the toilet bowl. 

By day two, I was definately using the washroom less. We headed up to St. George Church on the top of a hill/mountain that over looks the Acropolis. After some stunning pictures we rode the funicular back to its starting point and made our way back down the rest of the hill. That’s when nature decided to call and leave me a message informing me that the kabob is trying to make a comeback. 

Shit (pun intended). 

We are in the middle of a residential area. Quickly I scanned for a cafe and noticed a restaurant down the street. We raced over there and saw a big closed sign. Damn, now I really need to go. I looked down another street and saw a park with a little bushy area. I looked at Gordana and she looked at me and we both knew instantly what I needed to do. 

I entered the park, in the middle of the residential area and crawled through to the middle of the bushes. 

Nervously, I squated and went to the washroom. Goga (Gordana), reassured me that she was keeping a look out. Reassured? I felt not. I mean, if some one comes strolling through the park, what is she really going do and how am I really going to just stop? 

As Murphy’s Law would have it, 2 old ladies came strolling by talking and walking by really, really slow. 

As if that was not enough they decided to stop and talk, literally a few metres from where I was violating their beloved park. 

I had to hold my position. Waiting. Still waiting. Finally they decided to continue their walking and talking. I cleaned up and flew out of the bush…

Lesson Learned:

Things can get messy. Always carry baby wipes, kleenex, hand sanitizer and hand cream. I literally just bought my satchel when I was in Istanbul (prior to Athens) and knowing that i wasn’t 100% in the clear I made sure it was stocked with everything I needed for any washroom emergencies. 

Also when you gotta go, you gotta go…

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