The Local Beer Movement

If you love beer as much as we do, then this blog is for you. Join The Movement. Photo by Christopher Rudder

“Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.”

– Kinky Friedman

The Local Beer Movement
The Local Beer Movement is for the beer lovers who want to stay on tap with the latest posts about commercial and craft beer from around the world. Cheers!

Here’s what’s on tap for today!

Quidi Vidi

During my time in Newfoundland I headed up North to a beautiful place called Fogo Island. Read the post Fogo Island, NL for the story, pictures and video. While on Fogo Island I had the oppurtunity to stay in the Luxurious Fogo island Inn. It was there that I was...

The Heineken Experience

Heineken has always been my "go-to" beer. When in doubt or when I have difficulty deciding on what to drink. I know that if I choose an ice cold Heineken, I'll be ok. Heineken, born in Amsterdam is a country that sits in an area of other great beer making countries....

Sagres in Lisbon

My partner in crime Gordana gets some pretty major head aches sometimes. Migraines actually. For some strange reason this Sagres helps calm her pounding head. Is that weird? Instead of creating the headaches that hang overs cause this beer is actually curing...

Staropramen in Prague

Founded in 1869 the Staropramen Brewery is the second largest brewery in the Czech Republic. It is situated in the Smíchov district of Prague. The name Staropramen, literally meaning “old spring” and was registered in 1911. Have you tried the "old spring?" I enjoyed...

Velen in Prague

Prague, a city we'll know for its beer (some 300 and something) which makes it the perfect place to bang out some quick blog posts for The Local Beer Movement. A researched this place called Prague Beer Museum. Prague beer museum has 30 beers on tap. The Czech...

Gambrinus in Prague

Prague is the perfect place for the The Local Beer Movement but with so many choices and not enough time I needed to make some executive decisions. So naturally I found a pub and was introduced to the Nectar of Legends. No seriously, named after Gambrinus, the...


Although Fosters is 'Australian for Beer", I first tried it while here in London. My cousin, who was taking me around London to visit our other family members had stopped off at Alexandra Palace, a historic entertainment venue in Alexandra Park to take a short break,...


While filming in Zurich I decided to take a break in a little bar and try a local beer called Brull. Little did I know this would start a whole new movement, The Local Beer Movement. So, like the picture & name suggests…Brull...nuff said! Brull: To Drink or Not To...

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