Ever since I became old enough to start challenging the true existence of jolly old St. Nick is when I started becoming more of a grinch. Around the age of 16 I was delivering newspapers and earning my own small change. I never was or never will be great at budgeting or managing money but I realized I was able to buy the “needs” my mom (for some reason) would always call “wants” Nevertheless the thought that I may no longer require Santas services coupled with the freedom to be naughty instead of pretending to be nice furthered my spiral into grinch-hood.
The overly commercialization of shopping, finding the perfect present and gift giving can often make us forget the true meaning of the holidays. So aside from being at home surrounded by my family, there is only one other place in Toronto that will always get me in the Christmas spirit and that’s the Toronto Christmas Market

From mid November to December, Toronto’s Historic Distillery District gets transformed with festive sounds and smells. Magical lights and seasonal décor displays transport you to an old cobblestoned, European village which is both traditional and romantic.


Distillery District

The Toronto Christmas Market brings together unique craftspeople, artists and artisans selling various Christmas merchandise and gifts (crib figurines, toys, wood carvings, hand made ornaments, candles and holiday memorabilia). But even better is everyone’s favourite food and drink. Since we are in the distillery district you know drinks, spirits, beer and vine are definitely on tap. But the smell of roasted nuts, grilled sausages, schnitzels, grilled cheese, waffles and Canadas national dish Poutine will definitely get you stomach growling. At the centre of it all is the very big 50 foot Norway spruce tree.

Left: Andrew & Christopher Rudder
Above: Gordana Grubor

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate Christmas I quite like the season. For me its always been about spending time with family. I have noticed that people are generally friendlier and happier. I like the lights and the smiles on the kids faces. I even like the Christmas displays in the store windows. Wait a minute. Is that me or the mulled wine and spiked egg nog talking? …… It’s the mulled wine and spiked egg nog 🙂 Boxing day here I come!!!

On behalf of Rudderless Travel.. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

toronto christmas market

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