Prague, a city we’ll know for its beer (some 300 and something) which makes it the perfect place to bang out some quick blog posts for The Local Beer Movement. A researched this place called Prague Beer Museum.

Prague beer museum has 30 beers on tap. The Czech Republic’s lagers are known around the world and its people consume more beer than any other country. Most pubs and restaurants only have a limited selection something to do with being locked into deals with one of the country’s industrial brewing juggernauts Plzensky Prazdroj, Staropramen or Krusovice.
What about the little guy?
Well that where The Beer Museum comes in.
In addition to pilsners and dark lagers, the ever-changing line-up of kegs ranges from Indian pale ales, English pale ales and wheat beers to exotic raspberry- and cherry-flavored concoctions. Five and ten-beer tasters are also available, along with a range of “beer cocktails,” bar food and other drinks.” – Prague Beer Museum.

With so much choice, unless you know exactly what your after, choosing a beer is really a shot in the dark. I decided to go with Velen based on its desorption which went like this:

“A perfectlty fermented golden amber English beer with a medium sized creamy head, bouquet of malt,hops and grass, Velen has a full caramel taste that is pleasantly sweet.”

Anyone who knows me knows I love and can’t go wrong with caramel

And if you got 48 hours to kill in Prague the check out 2 Days in Prague.

Velen: To Drink or Not To Drink?

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Rudderless has found its way to Prague. In Part one, host Christopher Rudder learns some Czech words, passes through the Jewish Quarter and the old town (Astronomical Clock, Church of Our Lady before Týn) then it’s beer and a view at the Dancing House.

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