2 Days In Brussels, could of easily of been  about chocolate!

When I first decided to spend 2 days in Brussels it was more of a geographical decision. I was in Bonn and Cologne, Germany hanging out with my beautiful cousin and Belgium happened to be the closest neighbouring country. Bordering Belgiun was the Netherlands. That was a win-win.

At the time all I can associate with Brussels and Belgium was chocolate and Smurfs. 

Sure I got my fix of chocolate but I was exposed to so much more. Waffles.

One of the great things about Brussels is the enviable and amazing quality of daily life here, including the restaurant, café and bar scene, nightlife, entertainment venues, service centers, places of interests and much more. All this never gets old and anyone has all the freedom to explore and experience all these in Brussels.

Day One

2 Days In Brussels

Halle Gate

The Halle Gate also called Porte de Hal in French and Hallepoort in Dutch is a medieval fortified city gate. It is now a museum, part of the Royal Museums of Art and History.

2 Day In Brussels

Commune de Saint-Gilles

2 Days In Brussels
Brussels never goes out of its way to impress and captivate people’s interest and attention not to mention the humorous citizens of Brussels who surely take the effort of ensuring that you’ll have the best stay. 2 Days in Brussels will seem like two long years of the perfect moments and experiences. For example, Up the street from the Airbnb accommodations, our mornings were spent in the most beautiful cafe playing the most beautiful jazz music.


After Halle Gate we stumbled across the impressive Palace of Justice, the Royal Palace of Brussels and Saint Jacques-sur-Coudenberg.
The Palace of Justice was built between 1866 and 1883 and is the largest courthouse in the world.
The Royal Palace of Brussels is the official palace of the Belgian King & Queen but it is not currently being used as their royal residence.
It may not look like it but Saint Jacques-sur-Coudenberg is church. In the same spot, before it was demolished was a medieval abbey church. 

A few steps awys from Saint Jacques-sur-Coudenburg is the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum and Monts des Arts. The MIM’s collection represents Belgian musical history. A music lovers place vistors are outfitted with infrared headphones that allows them to listen to musical extracts from the instruments on display.
Monts des Arts, 
meaning “hill/mount of the arts”, is a historic site in the center of Brussels and offers one of Brussels’ finest views. From here the famous tower of the Brussels Town Hall in the Grand Place is visible.


2 Days In Brussels

Musical Instrument Museum

2 Days In Brussels

Mont des Arts

2 Days In Brussels

Royal Galleries of Saint-Hubert

The Royal Galleries of Saint-Hubert, Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert (French) or Koninklijke Sint-Hubertusgalerijen (Dutch) is a shopping arcade in Brussels that preceded other famous 19th-century shopping arcades like the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan. The most popular item in the arcade…chocolate.
Next stop beer at the Belgian Beer Tradition then the Grand Palace.


2 Days In Brussels
2 Days In Brussels
2 Days In Brussels

Grand Place
The Grand Place is the central square of Brussels. It is surrounded by guildhalls and two larger edifices, the cities Town Hall and the Breadhouse Maison du Roi (French), Broodhuis (Dutch) building which contains the Museum of the City of Brussels.

2 Days In Brussels

Manneken Pis
Manneken Pis, meaning “Little man Pee” in Dutch is a landmark small bronze sculpture, depicting a naked little boy urinating into a fountain’s basin. It was designed by Hiëronymus Duquesnoy the Elder and put in place in 1618 or 1619. It’s a true sign of Brussels whimsical and comical sense of humor.


• Brussels Stock Exchange

Day Two

2 Days In Brussels

Cathedral of St. Michael and Gudula

2 Days In Brussels continues by visiting the Cathedral of St. Michael and Gudula, Belgium Comic Book Museum, National Basilica of the Sacred Heart and Mini Europe.
The Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula, Co-Cathédrale collégiale des Ss-Michel et Gudule (French)Collegiale Sint-Michiels- en Sint-Goedele-co-kathedraal (Dutch) is a Roman Catholic church which was given cathedral status in 1962.


2 Days In Brussels

Belgium Cartoon Center

Belgian Comic Strip Center
The Belgian Comic Strip Center, a true temple dedicated to comic strip art, is also an undisputed masterpiece of the Art Nouveau. The Comic Strip Center is home to some of Belgium’s best-known comic strip heroes: Tintin, Spirou, Bob and Bobette, the Smurfs, Lucky Luke, Blake and Mortimer, Marsupilami, etc.


2 Days In Brussels

National Basilica of the Sacred Heart

National Basilica of the Sacred Heart
The National Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Basilique Nationale du Sacré-Cœur (French)Nationale Basiliek van het Heilig-Hart (Dutch) is a Roman Catholic Minor Basilica and parish church dedicated to the Sacred Heart and inspired by the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur in Paris.


Mini Europe & Atomium
Mini Europe
 is a miniature park located in Bruparck at the foot of the Atomium with reproductions of monuments in the European Union at a scale of 1:25. Roughly 80 cities and 350 buildings are represented.
Lastly, the Atomium. CNN named it Europe’s most bizarre building. The Atomium was originally constructed for Expo 58, the 1958 Brussels World Fair. The spheres are connected so that the whole thing forms the shape of a unit cell of an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times.


2 Days In Brussels
2 Says In Brussels



2 Days In Brussels


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As you walk these historic and interesting places, I strongly suggest eating waffles, chocolate, fries, and beer. Not necessarily in that order and not necessarily all at once.

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2 Days In Brussels

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