Blue roofs, a red beach, and white wine: 3 days in Santorini

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I’m not sure when the thought of 3 days in Santorini first entered my mind. I think Santorini was inspired by the classic, photo of blue roofs on a magazine cover I saw in a travel agency. I was planning my trip through Spain the year before and that magazine cover wouldn’t stop speaking to me. Mesmerizing and beautiful here is my list of things to do if you have about 3 days in Santorini.

BTW, my good friend, butcher, and brother from another mother, (for over 6+ years) from Ellas Meat Market in Toronto, George (of Greek descent) has with great jealousy approved this 3 days in Santorini guide!

Day 1

ATV (The best way to get around the Island)

ATV’s are arguably the best means of transportation for exploring 3 days in Santorini. Rather than waiting for wishy-washy public transportation (buses) or renting a taxi at a costly fee, ATV’s provide travelers of Santorini with the means to get around the island quickly and efficiently.

Crepes & Waffles

Believe it or not crepe & waffle restaurants are almost as frequent as Waffle Houses in the States. Crepe & waffle restaurants like Corner (located in Fira, the modern capital of Santorini) specialize in offering patrons an intimate café atmosphere with all sorts of delicious Greek foods, savory or sweet crepes, and even waffles served with chocolate, walnuts, and whipped cream!  Aside from Corner, you can also check out Terra Nera, ”Chocolat” Creperie, Chef’s Garden, and many other crepe& waffle restaurants for scrumptious breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals.

3 Days In Santorini

Firostefani (Spectacular views & a different perspective / views of Santorini Volcano

Just north of Fira lies Firostefani. This neighborhood of Santorini offers the spectacular views of the island, the Aegean Sea, and a remarkable vantage point of Santorini volcano. If you want to see the breadth of the island’s beauty, it’s highly recommended that you reach the pinnacle of Firostefani during sunrise or sunset.

Red Beach (Tanning, snorkeling, swimming)

Located near the ancient site of Akrotiri (a Minoan Bronze Age settlement) is Red Beach. This beach is often called “one of the most famous and beautiful beaches” of Santorini. Red Beach gets its name and its hue from the sand and hardened lava (mainly a reddish/brownish color). The beach is frequented by swarms of visitors who relish in one of the planet’s most fascinating landscape volcanic land formations but 3 days in Santorini must include a beach or 2 or 3. Aside from admiring the beauty of Red Beach, many visitors often go to lounge in the sun and tan, snorkel and explore the awe-inspiring rock formations, and swim in the crystalline Aegean Sea.

Taverna El Greco

Taverna El Greco is a quaint restaurant on Santorini that serves some of the island’s best Mediterranean food. With an extensive menu that boasts an array of Greek appetizers to hearty Greco dishes, Taverna El Greco is an excellent choice for any visitor looking to satiate her or his hunger for authentic Greek eats. Not only is the food exceptional, Taverna El Greco is widely known for its excellent customer service and moth-watering dishes like the fried eggplant baked with Gouda cheese and coated with a sweet and savory tomato sauce and olive oil.

Exploring Fira at night

When it comes to exploring Fira at night, Erythroú Stavroú lane is the hub of the island’s bustling nightlife. The local beaches support a lively bar scene, as well as scenic views of the island at night. Bars like PK Cocktail Bar, Two Brothers Bar, and many others serve as attractive options for anyone looking to enjoy libations and mingle while in Santorini. If the bar scene isn’t exactly your number option, visitors can always roam around the crowded main pedestrian streets of Fira and enjoy the island’s liveliness.

Mamounia (Bar)

Located on one of Santorini’s main streets, La Mamounia is a large club that has both indoor and outdoor spaces for mingling and dancing. Be sure to expect tons of Greek music to dance to, live singers, and partying that usually goes until dawn.

Day Two

Kamari Beach

Kamari is a famous beach resort of Santorini located 10 km (roughly 6 ¼ miles) southeast of Fira. This coastal village got its name from an arch that is the remains of a sanctuary to the Greek god of the seas, Poseidon. Aside from the serene atmosphere of the beach and famous arch, Kamari Beach is duly noted for its black sand and pebbles that lie along the shore. Kamari Beach is a favorite destination amongst both locals and visitors, especially at night.

Cable Car (from Fira down to the Old Port

The brain-child of ship owner Evangelos Nomikos, the cable car of Santorini traverses between Fira and its old port, Skala Pier. The cable car is estimated to serve up to 1200 patrons per hour and travels a magnificent and visually beautiful path that allows patrons to see parts of the island from an altitude of 220 meters (roughly 721 feet) to one of the island’s ports, Skala Pier

Skala Pier (Old Port) 

Often called Old Port, Skala Pier was an old port that served the region of Thira before the construction and completion of the Anthinios port. Skala Pier is now a main hub for tourists, providing visitors with heaps of seaside cafés, boat rental agencies and novelty shops.

Boat Ride Excursion to the Hot Springs & Nea Kameni

If you’re looking to visit Santorini’s acclaimed Hot Springs and Nea Kameni (volcano), a boat ride is your best bet. These Boat tours around Santorini are generally the most popular means of reaching the hot springs and Nea Kemani and readily available for booking with travel agencies and hotels. While some may for a full-day tour, many travel agencies and hotels offer shorter boat rides that still give patrons access to the marvels of Santorini.

Hot Springs

The Sanotrini Hot Springs is one of the island’s main attractions. The hot springs are famous for their yellow waters that contain a large amount of sulfur and are believed to have therapeutic properties. The Santorini Hot Springs has an average temperature of 33 Celsius (91 Fahrenheit).


Nea Kameni + Walking the Valcano

Also known as the Santorini Volcano, Nea Kameni is a popular tourist attraction in Santorini and is also one of the island’s active volcanoes (the volcano has been dormant for 60+ years).  The best way to reach Nea Kameni is by taking a boat ride from the Skala Pier. It is highly recommended that tourists traveling to Nea Kameni hike along the volcano and prepare themselves for what can be an overwhelming amount of sulfur throughout the hike!

Captain Nikolas (Dinner)

When it comes to serving fresh fish cooked with Greek flair, there’s no better restaurant than Captain Nikolas. Aside from the fresh seafood, this family owned and ran business provides top of the line service and hospitality, along with a stunning beach view of the Aegean Sea.

Ride The Donkeys (from old port to Fira)

While this may sound a bit far-fetched, Santorini offers travelers the opportunity to explore the on a donkey! This one of a kind ride is one of the many unique ways to traverse from Old Port to Fira.

Tropical Bar

This Australian bar is located in Fira and is widely known for its spectacular view of the bay, service, showing of televised sports events, and drinks at a reasonable price.

Day Three


Emborio is a small town located on Santorini. Once serving as the commercial center of Santorini during the Venetian Occupation, Emborio is believed to get its name from the Greek word “emporio”, which means trade. What remains left of this formerly Venetian occupied town is a remarkably splendid town  with the castle ruins of Goulas and the Kasteli, narrow corridors, and whitewashed stone houses and shops that attest to Santorini’s beauty.

Perissa Black Sand Beach

Perissa Black San Beach is a beach community that is among the most popular and highly populated beach communities of Santorini. Teeming with pebbles, black sand, and a very deep sea bed that is near to the shore, Perissa Beach is an alluring destination for travelers.  Unlike neighboring beach communities, Perissa is a quieter community that attracts families and small groups of young people who enjoy all that Perissa has to offer.

Domaine Sigalas (Wine Tasting, Winery)

Founded in 1991 by Paris Sigalas, Christos Markozane and Yiannis Toundas, Domaine Sigalas is a remarkable establishment. This exceptional establishment boasts a superb winery that is open on a daily basis for visits and wine tasting. Domaine Sigalas takes pride in its unique relationship with the Greek wine-making tradition, the Santorini vineyards, and the use of the quality in winemaking technology.

Aside from Sigalas we put together a list of The Top 3 Wine Tours In Santorini for those optimists who’d rather keep their glass half full instead of half empty.

Akrotiri (Ancient Ruins)

Akrotiri is a Minoan Bronze Age settlement located next to Red Beach on Santorini. Believed to have been an established settlement since 4,500 B.C, Akrotiri prospered until it was destroyed in a volcanic eruption around 1627 BC and was buried in volcanic ash. This ash is reported to have preserved the remains of exquisitely crafted frescoes and various artworks.  Archaeologists have diligently excavated Akrotiri since 1967. The ruins of Akrotiri are currently open to the public.


3 days in santorini


Oia, pronounced Ia, is Santorini’s most famous village. Located on top of a cliff, the village of Oia is celebrated worldwide for its picturesque view and its tranquil lifestyle. Oia is located 11km (6.8 miles) north of Fira.

Amoudi Bay/Port

Located just below Oia is Amoudi Bay, a small fishing port. This quaint port is nestled along the hillside cliffs of Oia and is the ideal getaway from the commotion that occasionally stirs Santorini. There are five fresh fish restaurants, a couple of boat rental offices, and villas with splendid views of the Aegean Sea in Amoudi Bay.

Sunset Amoudi Taverna (Fish Dinner)

Called Paraskevas’ by locals, Sunset Amoudi Taverna is arguably the best seafood restaurant on Santorini. Sunset Amoudi Taverna offers delicious Greek delicacies, fresh seafood, local wine and carefully selected wines that pair exceptionally well any dish. The restaurant is always highly rated for its outstanding service, quality of food, and prime location along Amoudi Bay.


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What more can I say. The island is simply gorgeous. Beautiful beaches, fantastic wine, delicious food and a booming night life. If Santorini is so sweet, I wonder what the other Greek islands would be like

3 days in santorini

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