Documentary Inspired, 48 Hour Cappadocia Tours

I was in my living room one weekend watching A National Geographic presentation called Panasonic Presents: Access 360° World Heritage Series about Turkey: Cappadocia Totally mesmerize my mind was instantaneously planning Cappadocia tours around the region. 

With its underground cities, houses and cave churches in the rocks plus the thought of flying in a hot air balloon over the moon-like bedrock, Flintstone type landscape. Beautiful. I’m In.

When we arrived it was night time and millions of bright stars lined the clear night sky. We are remote. In the morning, hundreds of balloons filled the clear blue sky. I knew immediately the 2 days in Cappadocia was going to epic.

Goreme Valley, also a World Heritage Site was shaped by the previous volcanic eruptions that once have eroded. These eruptions have left a landscape of chimneys, mushrooms and cones. Those people who once lived here carved in the caves for tunnels, storage areas, churches, living quarters and stables from the soft rock years ago.

Day One

Cave Hotel

The 2 Day Cappadocia tour must start off by staying in a traditional Cave Hotel. I recommend Yasin’s Place Cave Hotel as it perfectly combined cave dwellings and modern luxury. The hotel provides deluxe suites and cave rooms in such a cozy and warm design near the centre. An ideal location in Goreme, plus they pick us up and dropped us off at the airport. Which by the way is about a 45 minute drive.

cappadocia tours

Goreme Open-Air Museum

The Goreme Open-Air Museum resembles a big monastic complex that consists of refectory monasteries situated side-by-side. The Kaymakli Underground City is also considered as the widest one and the deepest one.

cappadocia tours
cappadocia tours
cappadocia tours
cappadocia tours

Orient Restaurant

Orient Restaurant has its impressive and meaty menu-sized rooms that can range from the traditional Turkish to a whole lot more. This one will simply inspire you all the more for the many food varieties.

Lamb cooked in a clay pot is my favorite. So good, we ate there twice.

Haman (Turkish bath)

You will have a balloon to catch early in the morning so end the day with an age old tradition.

A Turkish bath or Haman is simply one of the best experiences you could have here and all over Turkey.

There is actually a steamy and grand hot room for massage and a steam-soaking and washing with water and soap. Modern Turks usually shower during the morning and even before returning back to the office. This is one of those small pleasures and a one-of-a-kind experience that you should not leave off your itinerary.

In this video we explore Day One of our Cappadocia tours

Day Two

Kapadokya Balloons

On your second day, try the hot air balloon escapade in Cappadocia which will let you witness the surreal and spectacular landscape underneath. You will also drift over the chimneys, the pigeon houses, the valleys, the orchards and a whole lot more.

There are also various colors of landscape that will leave you in such a breathless state.

This is one of the main reasons for coming out here and  I strongly suggest Kapadokya Balloons  I had a wonderful time. The pilots were highly experienced and knowledgeable of hot air balloon and the region. Most importantly, I felt safe.


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Kapadokya Balloons will transfer their guests from their respective hotels to their office. The pilots pick the best take-off spots with regard to weather conditions while guests finish the check-in formalities and enjoy hot drinks and cookies. They then transfer guests to the selected take-off place, pilots deliver detailed information on technical details of the flight, conditions and safety measures then its take-off.

Also, hike through the valley/Ihlara Valley, Pigeon Valley, Zelve Valley, and Devrant “Imagination” Valley that is among the best choices of valleys to visit with people.

Each of these valleys has different rock formations and different scenery making them more ideal for horseback riding, hiking and walking.

There were actually monks who worshipped and lived in these valleys with those vibrant frescos.

cappadocia tours

Ceramic Shop

One thing I was surprised by, was the beautiful object in the Ceramic shops. During the Cappadocia Tours please take a look at some of the handmade ceramics, pottery, rugs and carpets. Maybe even purchase something and have it shipped. Everything comes in different sizes, designs and colors.

There are exquisite collections for different budgets of people looking for high quality

cappadocia tours
cappadocia tours
cappadocia tours
cappadocia tours

Watch our video, we enjoy Day Two of our Cappadocia tour, with the highlight being the hot air balloon ride


Enjoy your time in this magical place.

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This family-run hotel is situated in the heart of Goreme, just 3 minutes’ walk from the bus station.  Yasin’s Place Backpackers Cave Hotel  offers panoramic views from its terrace and has just 11 rooms, some of them are cave rooms. Breakfast is included in the room rate.The rooms are decorated in Ottoman style and have private bathroom facilities. The cave rooms are naturally cool in summer, and the hotel offers central heating in winter.

Booking Flights:


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This is one of those magical life changing experiences that was so different from the norm. Flying in that hot air balloon is engraved in my memory. The food is delicious and the history is fascinating. I have to admit, staying in a cave was quite cool too.

Unfortunately, when I woke up to leave in the morning I came down with a bad case of diarrhea. Read about that in my post: Tales From The Throne – Part 1: Cappadocia, Turkey …if you dare.

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