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If Airbnb was a contact in my little black book, the page would be worn out. Dogeared page corners, letters, and numbers a bit smudged because of beer spills and coffee stains, Marilyn Monroe type, red lipstick kiss imprints…Ok, the last part is a bit of a stretch but honestly, that my friend is how much I use the Airbnb app.


In fact, we love Airbnb so much we started our own!

Our Toronto Airbnb is a private room in Toronto’s Entertainment District. 

** Get a $30 Airbnb Accommodation Credit on us**

With a $30.00 credit, once you get using the Airbnb App you’ll start bookmarking several locations that fit your budget and/or location. Now it’s time for some tough choices. So how does one compare Airbnb listings and choose the best one? For the answer to that question, let’s visit my travel blogging friend Danielle Des from The Though Card.

Airbnb App

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In this video we show you how to use the Airbnb app.

The Featured Airbnb Accommodation used in the Airbnb App video:

LaTorre Fratelli

“Staying at Kali LaTorre is like visiting a friends place for coffee. Talking and laughing late into the night. As soon as we arrive she greets us with “Welcome Home!” and home is exactly what her place feels like.” She has become a good friend of ours and I recommend staying at her place.

– Christopher Rudder

Rudderless Portfolio – Accommodations

In the travel & hospitality industry? Lets see how we can work together.


View our reviews from some of our favorite Airbnb Hosts:

I’ve hosted over 100 guests in the past 6 months and Gordana and Chris fall into the 1% category of people who make me live for this job. These are good people. I could write an essay on what that means but I have only 400 words left. When they arrive to your house you will understand. Your mind will immediately feel at ease when they walk into the door. Engaging conversation will ensue. When you go to sleep at night you will feel secure and happy that your home is filled with positive energy. And then when they leave you will feel very, very sad. Ciao Gordana and Chris your visit was too short! Please come back to visit me again before next Easter–one year is too long! Hugs, Kali


Airbnb Host, Airbnb

Hosting Chris – was also meeting a very great person. He is a professional video editor and we made a great job about promoting Budapest in videos and on his web. I was happy to show him around and be part of his project. He is very funny, full of heart and open minded. He is not a biker but he still joined me to ride the bicycle because its really the easiest way to see Budapest. I hope to see him again. Fully recommended guest.

Watch the videos: “A Tale of Two Cities (Budapest, Hungary)” 


Airbnb Host, Airbnb

Gordana and Chris are really awesome! Forward thinkers, so interesting to talk with, very funny, great communicators and at the same time patient, respectful and very, very clean! It was a very pleasant experience!! I totally recommend them to any future hosts

Private Feedback:
Hello guys, How are you? Iwas just curious, if you got back to your normal Toronto paper system yet or you have brought the Greek one with you?!! hahaha (**Read the blog post: “The Worst Time & Place To Have Diarrhea”) The plumber said the pipe was dripping, but it ‘s all fixed now. Thank you for your patience!! Cheers, Tatiana

Watch the video: “The Cradle Of The West (Athens, Greece)”


Airbnb Host, Airbnb

Chris – Gordanas boyfriend- is a great guy. I had to work a lot and he really respected that I was terribly tired and did not talk too much. Stefan always said that I have to talk to him because he is so interesting and nice, so I did and we talked many hours over a glas of wine and it was very nice and comfortable- he even made ME feel at home!:)! I learned a lot about life in Canada and about Chris profession as a documentary filmer (he gives you a very nice view on many different cities and things on It was a great pleasure to get to know him and as a guest he is just perfect. We would definiteley love to welcome him again and hope we stay in contact!

Watch the video: “The City Of Music (Vienna, Austria)”

Stefan Und Esther

Airbnb Host, Airbnb

Gordana’s visit and Chris was great, are very polite, respectful, neat, clean and quiet. Chris had a very good relationship with my son, it was noted that a good teacher of children. Both are very nice and pleasant. I hope to return again.

Watch the video: Rudderless in Barcelona


Airbnb Host, Airbnb

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