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Before we get into the best harbourfront restaurant, I wanna take the time to say that I absolutely love coming down to the Harbourfront. It’s a 10-15 minute walk from my condo in the Entertainment District and I’m always taking my friends and family there.

The Toronto Harbourfront has always been prime real estate, as it sits on Lake Ontario, with gorgeous views of the Toronto Islands.

The harbourfront boasts free concerts that feature a variety of multi-cultural music, festivals, markets, art and events during the summer months and with the recent updates to the infrastructure to incorporate pedestrians, bikes, street cars and cars the Queens Quay is looking quite beautiful. A little chaotic and confusing at times with the different modes of transportation being so close to each other but beautiful none-the-less.

Taking long walks up and down the boardwalk will definitely get you hungry and if you’re like me, summer + beer = patio

Offering all three is the Amsterdam BrewHouse, the best harbourfront restaurant in Toronto. Trust me! The proof is the long lines of people snaking around the establishment waiting for a patio spot.  However, if you’re a numbers person, The Amsterdam BrewHouse is the second busiest restaurant in Canada. They see over 1100 people at a time and on a Saturday they can expect five to six thousand people through the doors. Yeah, I know crazy right? Let’s talk the brewery.


harbourfront restaurant
harbourfront restaurant
harbourfront restaurant

The Brewery:

Amsterdam BrewHouse is the oldest craft brewery in Toronto. It had its humble beginnings some 31 odd years ago at John St. & Queen St. West. Now, I’ve been to Amsterdam and I know Amsterdam (and that general Bavarian region – Belgium and Germany) are famous when it comes to beer so naturally, I wanted to know about the origin of the name…
Founded in 1986, the original owner Roel Bramer moved to Toronto from Amsterdam and discovered that there was no craft beer being made here. Meanwhile, the best selling beer in the world at that time was Heineken. Realizing an opportunity, he called the company Amsterdam to attract those Heineken drinkers here in Toronto

Amsterdam Brewery brews over 80 different beers a year and 45 of the 80 are small specialty batches called Amsterdam Adventure Brews that are brewed at Amsterdam BrewHouse.

These Amsterdam Adventure Brews are made from different recipes cycled throughout the year. They’re not packaged, sold or distributed and can only be enjoyed at the harbourfront restaurant. They are poured directly from the tanks to the taps and when it’s done…it’s done.

**In the video our Amsterdam BrewHouse Host talks about Amsterdam Adventure Brews

Amsterdam Brewery’s 2nd location out in Leaside, (Toronto’s East end)  handles the brewing, packaging, and distribution of their core beers. While the newest location, slated to open this fall will be called the Amsterdam BarrelHouse. It will be a smaller venue, seating around 400 people and will continue the tradition of Adventure Brew’s specific to its location.

harbourfront restaurant
harbourfront restaurant
harbourfront restaurant
harbourfront restaurant
harbourfront restaurant
harbourfront restaurant
harbourfront restaurant
harbourfront restaurant

The Beer:

Amsterdam Brewery has been brewing the Amsterdam Blonde Lager for over 31 years. Recently, it won gold for North American Style Blonde or Golden Ale at the Canadian Brewing Awards. This officially makes the Blonde the best lager in Canada. It’s easy to drink and very smooth.


Besides the Blonde Lager 5% ABV, Amsterdam Brewery’s beer line up includes: 3 Speed Lager 4.2% ABV, Pale Rider IPA, KLB Raspberry Wheat 4.5% ABV, Big Wheel Deluxe Amber 5.0% ABV, Cruiser All-Day Pale Ale 4.9% ABV, Boneshaker IPA 7.1% ABV, Downtown Brown 5% ABV and the  Spotted Cow 5% ABV

**In the video, our Amsterdam BrewHouse Beer Guide Helder explains how The Boneshaker got its name. 

In this video, we visit the best harbourfront restaurant in Toronto, Amsterdam BrewHouse. Our beer guide talks to about the brewery, the beer, and the food. Plus we get to partake in a little beer and food pairing

harbourfront restaurant
harbourfront restaurant

The Best Harbourfront Restaurant

The Food:

As appetizers, we started with Amsterdam BrewHouse’s famous Amsterdam Pretzel… Flaked sea salt, Big Wheel grainy mustards with wort reduction for dipping and the Hand Cut Poutine which boosts Ontario cheese curds and beef gravy

Gordana opted for the Brewmaster’s Sausage Pizza – Tomato sauce, house beer wurst sausage, field mushrooms, mozzarella, applewood smoked cheddar, caramelized onion and wort reduction. The key to this dish is that Wort reduction. According to WikipediaWort is the liquid extracted from the mashing process during the brewing of beer. It contains the sugars that will be fermented by brewing yeast to produce alcohol.
I’ve eaten a lot of pizza and I’ve even had the good fortune to eat pizza from its birth place, Naples. This pizza is in my top 10 for sure, and it pairs perfectly with The Amsterdam Brewery Down Town Brown which is a malty beer.

harbourfront restaurant
harbourfront restaurant

Danielle who doesn’t eat meat went for the Summer Ravioli which is grilled tomato and asiago ravioli, oven dried tomatoes, forest mushrooms, asparagus, garlic parmesan broth and crispy shallots. It pairs perfectly with the award winning Amsterdam Brewery Blonde.

I went for the Lemon Chicken Schnitzel which is spent grain breading, fingerling potatoes, sautéed rapini, char-grilled lemon, and crispy capers pair perfectly with one of my personal favorites KLB Raspberry Wheat

harbourfront restaurant

Craft Beer Recommendations:

**In the video our Amsterdam BrewHouse Host explains the difference between a craft brewery and a micro-brewery.

The best locations for trying different craft beers from different craft breweries in Ontario here in Toronto is Bar Volo which specializes in specialty bottles from around the Province that you won’t find in liquor stores or beer stores. In addition to Bar Volo we have & Birreria Volo & Bar Hop which have great draft beer on 30 to 40 taps.

An interesting side note: One of the brew masters from Bar Volo comes over to Amsterdam Brewery and they do a lot of collaborations.



Amsterdam BrewHouse is one of my favourite spots on the harbourfront. In all honesty, I was there a couple more times since filming and writing this post. Case and point the picture with the Pretzel was taken on a different day as it was sold out the day we were filming. Since it is the second busiest restaurant in Canada there is no possible way to dispute the fact that it is the best harbourfront restaurant in Toronto.

harbourfront restaurant

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