Art Deco Architecture of Casablanca
The capital of Morrocco is a bustling and busy city that features some of the finest examples of Art Deco Architecture of Casablanca. When exploring the crowded city, you simply can’t help but notice the many stunning historic buildings that line the streets. Some of the best examples of art deco buildings can be found in the neighborhood of Mers Sultan, as well as along Rue Idriss Lhrizi, Avenue Lalla Yacout, and Rue Ibn Batouta.

Art Deco Architecture of Casablanca
Art Deco Architecture of Casablanca

A combination of Parisian art nouvelle and traditional Moroccan design led to the development of a new form that has also come to define the architecture of the city. The style is specifically referred to as Mauresque architecture, which incorporates French-colonial themes like detailed wrought iron windows and balconies, rounded corners, and intricately carved building facades. The best examples to take in include the Palais de Justice, which was built in 1925, and the Post Office, built in 1918.

Art Deco Architecture of Casablanca
Art Deco Architecture of Casablanca

In these videos, we show you some of the Art Deco Architecture of Casablanca

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