The ‘on the road’ experience is something which will bind you and your friends forever. You can be friends with someone for years, but you never get to know them and their habits unless you travel with them. If this is what you are getting ready for, cover some of the major points to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Hit The Road Jack!

There’s nothing like the open road

Hold a meeting

As rigid as it may sound, you need to hold a meeting dedicated to the planning of your road trip. The time should be convenient for all of you so everyone can attend and no one is in a rush. The planning part should include the route and overnight stops. Everyone needs to be on the same page about the things you are going to do and visit. What’s more, everyone needs to take part and have their input in the decision-making. Do not plan bathroom, food and coffee breaks as you want to have some flexibility. Also, agree on whether you are going to book accommodation for your overnight stops ahead of time, or you simply want to get informed about the best places on the route. Not booking straight away can give you some freedom when it comes to your schedule, however timely reservations can decrease your expenses. Check how many people are willing to drive and for how long.

Update your maps

Update your GPS device with the latest maps. Also, it would not hurt to do a bit more research on the route you have selected. Perhaps there are other things in the area you could stop and see that you did not know of. Use Google maps and Google street view to get familiar with the road, particularly if you want to find out how to get to certain places.

Don’t forget the playlist

Have the most rational person in charge of the playlist. When I say rational, I mean someone who is not going to be biased and who will enjoy the task. This is a guarantee they will do it well. The playlist should include the cheezy hits everyone can sing along to and something the group loves. Of course, you can use the radio but do not rely on it entirely as you cannot control the content they play.

Fill the passenger seat

The passenger seat should be reserved for the most capable individual and the entertainer of the group. You need someone who will assist the driver with maps and directions, someone who will play the music and maintain a conversation when the road gets monotone. This will help keep the driver alert and awake.


Establish the size of luggage each one of you can take. The same goes for the hand luggage, that is, things you need handy. Everyone has those friends who simply cannot decide what to pack and cannot pack light if their life depended on it. That is why you need to limit the size of their bag and have them pack whatever they can fit. When it comes to food and drinks, pack plenty of water and snacks, as well as soft drinks and coffee each one of you likes. Make sure you indulge everyone to make the trip more enjoyable.

Check your ride

First of all, select the right vehicle for your crew. There are three things to bear in mind when selecting the vehicle, space, the condition the vehicle is in, and the amount of fuel it spends. Once you decide which one of you owns the most suited vehicle, have that person visit a local reliable car service center for a check-up. They need to check the level of the fluids, lights, breaks, tires, the AC, and clean filters just in case. Once all of that is done and your ride is ready, fill up the fuel tank.

Some other things to bear in mind are to avoid busy roads at rush hour, sign up for roadside assistance and bring an emergency kit with some emergency tools. Now, all that’s left is a good mood. Have plenty of it, arm yourself with patience and do not let any situation get the best of you. The last thing you need is tension when you are stuck in a car for hours.

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