The city of New York is a beautiful place to be although it can be an expensive place to stay. It is also known as ‘The Big Apple,’ and how this name came about has been a topic of debate for a little while. However, one thing is certain: New York City is a fun place to be and I created a 48 hour New York itinerary to prove it

Free Activities In NYC

Yes you heard me correctly…

If you’re a tourist who is visiting for the first time, keep reading. I’ll be giving you tips on how to enjoy yourself and have fun with some free activities in NYC.

Coming from Toronto and not including the hurtful exchange rate, I used to believe that without a huge amount of money, I will not be able to see the beauty of this great city. Not true. Speaking from experience, there are many activities in NYC, which are free for everyone to enjoy.



activities in NYC

Photo by: Rouven Kasten

For the lovers of history and the very curious,

I bring you good news. New York City has several museums which grant free entrance for general admissions to anyone who is interested. Not all of them are free of course, but a lot are. They include; The Bronx Museum Of Arts, The Federal Reserve Park, Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace (yeah, you can see his trophies and furniture; et al., at no cost,) Socrates Sculpture Park, among others. For special exhibitions, however, a small fee would be required for entrance into some of the sites.

Central Park 

The Central Park is another site of attraction worth visiting in New York. It covers more than 800 acres of land and is located right in the heart of Manhattan. Apart from the breathtaking landscapes and play areas in the park, there’s almost always an event, or two held on the grounds daily for anyone to watch. Also, indoors, there is the famous Carousel and Belvedere Castle, among other attractions.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

If you have not yet been to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, may I suggest you do so on your next vacation?

The architectural designs, both inside and outside are totally awe inspiring.

Irrespective of your religion, admission is free. I found myself staring for hours at the neo-gothic look of this enormous building. The cathedral gets more than 4 million visitors yearly.

activities in nyc
activities in NYC
activities in nyc
activities in nyc
activities in nyc
activities in nyc
activities in nyc

Brooklyn Brewery

Where are those who can identify good beer?
Oh Pick me, pick me!!! If beer is free, you know I have to talk about it here…

You want to see how the delicious beer of the Brooklyn Brewery is brewed daily.

Every Saturday and Sunday, they throw their gates open for free entrance, between one to five pm and one to four pm, respectively.

activities in nyc

In these videos, we check out some of the free activities in NYC, during our 48 Hour New York Itinerary 

People who love TV shows are not left out. You can be part of the audience for some New York City TV shows. All you need to do is go early and stand in line or just register online and get a free ticket and become part of the audience.

The very adventurous can visit the Downtown Boathouse, where visitors are allowed to enjoy 20 minutes of kayaking in the famed Hudson River every weekend.

The walking tours are one of my favorites. Every week, a historian takes tourists on a walking tour, pointing out and telling them the history behind some famous landmarks and structures, including the Lincoln Memorial, the Chrysler Building and the Whispering Gallery.

It is also priceless to finally get to see and learn about those places that you only saw on television.

No pun intended. A place is as expensive as you make it.

There are lots of free activities in NYC, and you can take advantage of them at no cost at all.

activities in nyc

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