Rudderless has been nominated for the Liebster Award!

Awesome! The Liebster award is passed around among the blogging community to give encouragement to people starting a blog for the first time, and to encourage networking amongst bloggers. I’ve been nominated by Brianna over at Archives of Adventure and now I must answer their questions, come up with my own questions, and pass the award on to 11 other bloggers.

Here goes:

1) How did you decide to name your blog?

Rudderless is simply a play on my last name Rudder, but if we go little deeper…

My first name, as fate would have it, is the Patron Saint of Travel. St. Christopher. My last name, Rudder, happens to be the word used to describe; of a flat piece, usually of wood, metal, or plastic, hinged vertically near the stern of a boat, ship for steering. A vertical airfoil pivoted from the horizontal stabilizer of an aircraft, for controlling movement around the vertical axis.

So in other words, to be Rudderless is to embody the thought of traveling with no fixed direction, exploring known and hidden gems, food and music, history and culture, architecture, nature etc…

St. Christopher | A rudder on a ship

2) What are some of your favorite travel shows/books?

The travel show that absolutely inspires everything about Rudderless is Anthony Bourdain. TV shows like: “No Reservations” and “Layover” as well as his book “Kitchen Confidential“. Using videography and photography, I’m trying to produce, film, edit and write each page, post and video/episode like an Anthony Bourdain show. Another show I really like that I stumbled upon on Netflix is “Departures”. More inspiration!

3) If there was one thing you could improve about your blog, what would it be?

The one thing that I would love to improve on between Rudderless and it’s brother site “In My Own Backyard” ( are the sites ability to take in additional revenue. Rudderless has the typical Google Adwords set up but I would like to work with companies in the travel and tourism industry; Hotels (B&B, Motels etc), Luggage, Travel Apps, Travel Websites, Travel Agents, Airlines, Tour groups/guides etc…

4) What has been the most rewarding part of blogging so far?

The most rewarding part of blogging is being able to document my adventures through videography, photography and writing. It’s almost like scrap booking or writing a diary. Equally rewarding is being able to share my adventures, stories and advice/tips with family, friends and people all over the world as well as inspire those those travelling for the first time. It’s also a great feeling to be part of a certain group of people who view the world as their playground. I love swapping stories and deals and ides with those who travel part time and full time.

5) What has been the most frustrating part of blogging so far?

The most frustrating part of blogging so far is staying on top of all my social media accounts. YouTube, FaceBook, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Stumble Upon etc urghhh. One of the best ways to get people to visit your site/blog is via social media. That being said I joined a few amazing Travel FaceBook groups that amongst many wonderful things they do for you and your blog, they create posting threads for various social media outlets. This helps to ensure your posting to various accounts regularly.

Speaking of which here is Rudderless on Social Media: FaceBook Page, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest,

6) What are three things you’ve learned since you started blogging?

The three things I’ve learned since I started blogging are:

  1. It takes a commitment. Posting new content regularly, promoting your blog & maintaining social media accounts, blog maintenance.
  2. Don’t stick to one medium in your post. Creative writing is one thing but include many pictures (if the pictures are not yours be sure to get permission) and embed videos. As a videographer and photographer I had the videos and pictures but I needed to add the writing.
  3. Have fun and enjoy what your doing. If the blog is a personal one then just be yourself. The beauty about writing a blog is that most of the proper writing formalities go out the window. So say what you want, how you want!
Me opening the Cinema Zone at LoveFest with a speech and a preview of my travel video “Where The Dunabe Kisses The Sava” in Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia

7) What is your most favourite travel memory?

Any one who loves to travels gets asked this question all the time. I try not to look at my travels in terms of favorite place, favorite city, favorite memory etc. Each place you visit will have it’s good and bad experiences and how you choose to perceive those experiences will affect your perception of that place. My iPhone was pick pocketed in Paris and for awhile I was seriously mad at that city but I will always love and value the time I spent there…and I learned to be more careful with my iPhone afterwards. I had really bad diarrhea in Athens (a city, to make things worse, where you can’t flush toilet paper down the toilet) but spending time on Acropolis Hill amidst all that history is incredible. I watched the running of the bulls and partied all night at the San Fermin festival in Pamplona. I flew in a hot air balloon over the rocky landscape of Cappadocia. Speaking of Cappadocia I’ve slept in a cave while i was there and I’ve slept in a Riad in Marrakesh. These are only some of the memories I have and I have so many more to make. Sure with every one of these trips I can list all the things that didn’t go well (lost luggage, missed flights, missed trains, shitty food, asshole people, etc etc) but to choose just one favorite memory is impossible. I will say that any video you watch on this site…is a favorite memory.

Pamplona, Spain
Athens, Greece
Cappadocia, Turkey
Marrakesh, Morocco

8) What is one souvenir that you collect when you travel?

I don’t have a particular item that I alway bring back like a fridge magnet or key chain but I do alway make a point of bringing something back from the places I visit and preferably something that represents the city. Some of the things I’ve brought back are: a piece of the Berlin wall and a bear from Berlin, a mask and street art from Venice, a rooster from Portugal, a personalized Heineken bottle from Amsterdam, a swiss army knife from Switzerland, a tea pot, ash tray and knife from Morocco, red, white and black sand and a fridge magnet from Santorini, fridge magnets from Zagreb, Munich and Barcelona (as well as a lizard from Barcelona), a bull from Pamplona, a Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe from Paris and my prized possession; a leather Satchel from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. However, the best souvenirs I bring back are my memories, my photos and my videos.

9) Do you prefer to travel to big cities, warm beaches, quiet forests, or snow-covered mountain tops?

I was born in a big city (Toronto, Canada), so I tend to be drawn to other cities. I find serenity in chaos; I like busy streets, with busy people and all the sounds of hustle and bustle. I sleep better with those sounds in the background. If things get too quite, I start getting restless. Beaches are good for about an hour or even half of the day but then I start wanting to do something different. Like Christopher Columbus I am an explorer. It doesn’t matter if its a big city, a small city, a town, a forest, a dessert, a mountain etc., I want to see it all.

10) What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?

The best advice I can give a blogger just starting out is to be yourself. What makes a blog unique is the way it is written. What makes a blog dynamic is the supporting media (videos, pictures, links) and the layout. You don’t need to be a literary scholar so your free to say what you want, how you want. You do need to have a passion and it does take a commitment and at times research. For inspiration, I would follow and subscribe to other blogs that are in the same niche as the blog your planning on starting. Take a look at how often they post articles to their blog, how are they wording their blog, how long is the blog post, how catchy are the post titles, what other media are they including in their blog, what are people saying in the comment section after reading their blog. Maintaining a blog is a lot of work and at times you may need to deal with other things besides writing that may not be your strong point. (website issues, finding other supporting media, research etc). Most importantly though, have fun.

I’d like to take this time to nominate you for the Liebster Award…

I want to give a special thanks to: Brianna over at Archives of Adventure for nominating me and Rudderless. You are awesome. If you haven’t already please head over to her site and follow her adventures!

I’d like to take this time to nominate you for the Liebster Award…

  1. Simply answer the following questions and I will post your answers in the Travel Inspiration section of our blog.
  2. Pay it forward, choose bloggers and write new questions (Official Liebster Award Rules)


Liebster Award Questions

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Using the latest travel apps, technology, and gear, I take a city; see the sights, taste the food, smell the roses, hear the stories and feel the love. All in 48 hours. Then, using videography & editing, photography and writing I retell and share those stories with my readers and viewers.

I'm Christopher Rudder and welcome to Rudderless Travel.

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