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What Inspired Me To Travel Across The Continent

A few years ago, I got this idea, to go to Nepal. I wanted to spend some
time abroad and Nepal seemed like the right background for my plans. I didn’t have the slightest notion of how to get there or how expensive it would be.

At a travel fair, I got my hands on a brochure from a company who organizes train journeys. Because my dad is a big fan of model trains, I decided to bring him a copy. At home, I threw the brochure on the table to forget about it. But inside was a folded map, which fell out. It dropped on the floor and unfolded itself to me.It was a world map with colourful lines drawn across it. The lines represented the train journeys the company offered and I traces a few lines. From London to Moscow, all the way to China and Tibet. The line even had a small diversion, ending up in Kathmandu, the vibrant capital of Nepal.

I traced the line again. The idea grew in my head. Wait a minute? I would be able to travel over land, to the other end of the continent, landing me in the heart of the Himalaya without taking a plane? That must be such an epic journey!
I didn’t know much about the prices, the timetable or the different train routes, but I knew right then and there, I wanted to do it. I wanted to travel over land to Nepal. No planes, just trains and wheels!



Photo by: Naomi


I took the train from St. Petersburg to Moscow and hopped on board the Trans Mongolian Railway to Mongolia. I spent some time in Mongolia, you can read more about my experiences (9 Things To Experience In Mongolia) and The Top 10 Things To Do In Mongolia.
After this, I continued to Beijing and took the train to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. I travelled around Tibet and finally travelled over land, through Tibet to Nepal.


What began as an idea to go to Nepal, transformed itself into an epic train journey across two continents into the heart of the Himalaya. It was such an amazing experience and I didn’t imagine it to be possible. All I needed was a little seed of inspiration, to nest inside my travel plans and grow into an itinerary. I didn’t know anybody else who’d done it, I just knew it was possible and I could do it too.


Dutch writer Naomi and currently living in the Netherlands, writes about her solo travellers around the world and her trips with boy friend. Providing her readers with “how to” guides and tips on things to do, see, experience on a budget. She also shares her insights on how to travel with a chronic illness.

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