Fogo Island Inn

The Challenge

For the island itself and neighbouring Change Island the focus is on the preservation of culture, 400 years worth of culture. The islands most famous resident Zita Cobb was once a top executive at the tech company JDS Uniphase who’s mission via her company Shorefast is to bring the island back to economic and cultural resiliency.

The Solution

We do what we do best. Videography & Photography. Taking pictures on Fogo Island is an incredible fun experience. From sunsets to the barren landscape, from icebergs to colourful houses and people. Filming on Fogo Island is simply stunning and the goal was to showcase this natural breathtaking island the best way we can:


Product Photo Shoot (2016)

  • Capture high resolution pictures of the Fogo Island Inn and surrounding area as well as inside and food from that spectacular kitchen.


In My Own Backyard Video/Episode Feature (2016)

  • Feature the Fogo Island Inn on an In My Own Backyard webseries episode about Fogo Island. It’s a perfect fit as IMOB produces videos from and about Canada. (Fogo Island is in Newfoundland & Labrador)

Blog Post

Fogo Island, NL Blog Post (2016)

We wrote a blog post about Fogo Island that not only featured the Inn but spoke of the natural beauty and history through words, video and pictures but it also provides information on how to get there. The blog post is also linked to and from one of our many travel blogger colleagues who wrote related blog posts about other parts of Newfoundland & Labrador.

Fogo Island, NL

Read the blog post Here

“thanks @IMOB_TGC (In My Own Backyard) for visiting our #fogoisland #newfoundland backyards”


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