OMG Baked Goodness

The Challenge

We first heard of OMG Baked Goodness’ infamous homemade poptarts during an interview with politician Jennifer Hollett on our web series In My Own Backyard. The owner Lesley is so passionate and so creative when it comes to her products. Her focus is on the process and the quality of ingredients which is how it should be. The challenge is finding the time to increase her time on social media.

The Solution

After eating her homemade pop tart we were already butter in the hands of OMG Baked Goodness and we haven’t even gotten to their cupcakes and their focaccia bread. The solution is provide OMG with High Resolution photo’s of their products for their social media networks. Promote OMG on our social media networks. And since they are Toronto based we will feature them on an episode of In My Own Backyard.


Behind The Scenes

Baked Goodness Product Shoot (2015)

  • We started by taking some hi-res pictures of OMG’s best selling products, their homemade pop tarts, cupcakes and focaccia bread. The hardest part of this product shot was trying to ignore the fresh smell of baked goods and avoiding temptation to nibble. These photos will be used for OMG’s & Rudderless’/In My Own Backyard’s various social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter). In addition, from our accounts we retweeted, liked, reposted and commented on OMG’s posts and tweets to build engagement.



In My Own Backyard, Interactive Interview (2015)

  • We really enjoy creating these interactive interviews. We know how to make the interviewee feel comfortable, thus allowing their current and potential customers and clients to see the human side of the business. OMG Baked Goodness is no different. In addition to the interview the current and potential customers and clients get to peek behind the scenes and see the love, dedication and discipline that goes behind making each and every product.
    **Interviews involving food and drink are always our favorite!**

Those are super fun videos Chris! great job! SUPER DOOPER AWESOME! thanks for everything, it was really fun. Can’t wait to work again with you

Lesley Mattina

Owner, OMG Baked Goodness

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