My Review of Row NYC Formerly Milford New York

New York City has always been the type of city who’s faced paced move it or lose it attitude has been unable to crack my super laid back personality.

I think the sense of non-urgency stems from the fact that my city, Toronto is a short one hour and thirty-minute flight from Billy Bishop Toronto Island Airport in the heart of the city.

So I’ve been flying over regularly and taking on the city one bit at a time. Usually, when I come out to New York I stay in my friend Kali’s Airbnb out in Jersey City, New Jersey. To get into New York City, I simply take the PATH train from Journal Sq. right up to 33rd St. or WTC (World Trade Center).

However, when  I was invited to stay in the Row NYC formerly the Milford New York, courtesy of the As You Stay app I was more than excited.


Why Row NYC Hotel Is The Place To Be

Row NYC formerly Milford New York is one of the best hotels in New York. It is simply home away from home. The most important features of a hotel are its room amenities. The Row Hotel NYC Times Square offers state-of-the-art room facilities. Some of them have been outlined below but this 28-floor hotel will simply blow your mind.

Each room has a sleek work desk with an ergonomic chair just in case you want to sit up and read some papers. Every room also has a top platform bed with feather pillows. Every window has double shades – the regular one and blackout. This helps you to set the amount of illumination you need in your room.

Row NYC Formerly Milford New York

Row NYC Formerly Milford New York

Each room has a wonderful bath with super sophisticated fittings like the multi-setting shower head. This gives you the liberty to set the amount and temperature of water in your bath. And just in case your clothes have been rumpled by packing, there is an iron and an ironing board for you to smoothen it.

For the ladies, I know you can’t do without hair dryer so there is one waiting in every room. As much as a hair dryer is important to ladies, it’s not half as important as a full-length mirror, so I’ve been told. So one has been provided for them in every room. Oh, and your personal effects are always safe since you can put them in a safe that has been provided in the room.

In case you came to New York on a business trip, you can work in your room with the dedicated high-speed wireless Internet Service and a cordless phone. There are several power outlets to charge your phone, mobile device, and even your laptop if you have one with you.

Being out of base should not prevent you from watching your favorite TV program so a 32-inch flat screen LCD TV with cable service has been installed in the room. Sweet!

Another impressive amenity that is worthy of mention is District M. It is a café by day and a lounge by night.

District M offers all kind of pastries and exotic drinks. Whatever your choice is, you will get it at District M.

You can also get your gourmet food at reasonable prices in City Kitchen. Most importantly, for guests who are fitness enthusiasts, being on a trip should not stop them from working out so there is a well-equipped gym in the hotel.

The hotel offers a very beautiful exterior view. It is one of the centers of attraction in New York City. It’s 28-floor structure is an architectural masterpiece. It is a sight to behold. However, the exterior is not as magnificent as the interior.


Considering all the attractive features outlined above, you will be thinking that it will cost a fortune to spend a night there. Well, your thought is not out of place as quality does not come cheap. But contrary to your thought, their prices are reasonable. Words cannot really describe what awaits you when you get there.

Whenever you decide to come to New York, I strongly suggest Row NYC Formerly Milford Hotel New York, check them out.

Remember, Row NYC formerly Milford Hotel New York is now called Row NYC Times Square.

Now that you have an awesome hotel! Here is the blog post I started writing and videos I started filming while I was staying there called 48 Hour New York Itinerary

Row NYC formerly Milford New York

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