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St. John’s is the largest city of Newfoundlands and Labrador which came into existence in 1830. Being one of the oldest settlements of North America, St. John’s is culturally and traditionally rich with its roots well-engraved in history as well. There are many things about St. Johns which attracts visitors and travelers from all around the world.

With an “OK” from the star or Republic of Doyle, Allan Hawco (A popular TV show filmed in and around St. John’s) our mission explore St. John’s then become an Honorary Newfoundlander by getting Screeched In!

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St. John’s is about a 15 minute drive from St. John’s International Airport. For the most part everything you want to see is within walking distance. Keep in mind that St. John’s is a very hilly city with some really steep elevations. In order to visit Bay Bulls and Cape Spear your will need to rent a car. So we created a custom guide and map that highlights where all the places we visited can be found.

Day One

One of the many attractions about St. John’s is Signal Hill, which looks over the whole city and makes for a beautiful destination for a good trip. What is even more wonderful about Signal Hill is its history. The final battle the Seven Wars was fought on this very same hill and this fact leaves many travelers captivated. Also situated on Signal Hill is Cabot Tower 1898 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of John Cabot’s discovery of Newfoundland, and Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. In 1901, Guglielmo Marconi received the first trans-Atlantic wireless message at a position near the tower, the letter “S” in Morse Code sent from Poldhu, Cornwall, United Kingdom.

Screeched In

The Local Beer Movement:
The three beers I tried while on Fogo Island were made by the local brewery Quidi Vidi. I wrote a post about the Quidi Vidi Brewery that you can read later. They offer tours and beer tasting at the brewery, in the town of the same name Quidi Vidi.

For Beer Tasting Dates & Times (Click Here)

The Basilica-Cathedral of St. John the Baptist the mother church and symbol of Roman Catholicism in Newfoundland. Excavation started inMay 1839 and was consecrated on September 9, 1855.

The Rooms is a cultural facility housing the Art Gallery, Provincial museum and the Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Just outside of St. Johns, is a town called Bay Bulls which provides for a good fishing area. It is a small community and just as culturally deep as any other place in St. John’s. If you get the chance to visit Bay Bulls check out O’Brien’s Whales and Birds Tour. You will not regret this tour as you will see a wide display of wildlife which will leave you gasping with beauty. We were luck to see an Iceberg here as they usually don’t visit these parts. I guess that made up for not seeing whales.

For more info on o’brien’s whale and bird tours (Click Here)

In this video we take on St. John’s. The first part of 48 hours begins…

St. John’s is the largest city of Newfoundlands and Labrador which came into existence in 1830. Being one of the oldest settlements of North America, St. John’s is culturally and traditionally rich with its roots well-engraved in history as well. There are many things about St. Johns which attracts visitors and travelers from all around the world.

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Day Two

You can also go to see Cape Spear which is the easternmost corner of Canada and if you are a fan of photography you will love it.



Screeched In

George Street is a must visit in St. John’s. It is a small street indeed, but it is famous for all the bars and pubs that it has. It is almost a two-block long street full of bars, clubs, restaurants, dine-inns, and pubs. It is also the location for the Mardi Gras celebration, which is held every October. Another festival called the six-night George Street Festival is usually held in August. What is even more interesting is the fact that drinking has been made even more fun by turning it into a ceremony called ‘screech in’. But the rule is, you have to be a visitor in Newfoundland.

The visitor drinks a shot of Screech, makes a small recitation and kisses a cod. It is not an obligatory ceremony, but it will make for a good memory.

The ritual after the shot of screech varies in every pub as well. “Kissing the Cod”. It is either a cod or any other ugly fish held to the participant’s lips and he/she has to kiss them and it marks the success of this ceremony called the Screech in. If you are a fan of drinking, don’t forget to visit Christian’s Bar which is one of the oldest bars on George Street. It is a place where anyone can find their favorite drink and have a great time and it is also one of the bars that hold the Screech In Ceremony. (Click here for the daily Screeched In times.)


Screeched In
Screech In

In this video I get Screeched In. The second part of 48 hours in St, John’s continues…

in order to become an honorary Newfoundlander, there’s a ritual where I need to recite a limerick, kiss a cod, and down a shot of the local booze, A rum called Screech. So we head to George St. The always vibrant always popping, bar hopping and night club scene. Any bar on this strip will do but we’re off to the oldest bar on George Street, Christian’s Bar (Established on 1979) for my Screech In ceremony…

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Screeched In

Be Friendly
Be An Honorary Newfoundlander
Be Rudderless

St. John’s and Newfoundland and Labrador in general is an amazing place with very friendly and funny people. Do get Screeched In, do try the local beer and do try the lobster. The place is is full of history, stories, myths and incredible nature and wild life, I came back to Toronto with new friends from St. John’s!
When in Newfoundland be sure to visit Fogo Island and St. Anthony & Twillingate where Spotting Icebergs & getting Up Close and Personal with Icebergs is a common thing!

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