Smartphone Apple iPhone 6, Space Gray, 64 GB (Unlocked) – $899.00
Selfie Stick iStabilizer – $31.21
Tablet Apple iPad Air 2, White, 32 GB – $797.10
Camera Cannon Powershot ELPH 360 HS Silver – $269.99 See More Colours
External Charging Device (iPhone, iPad etc) NexxTech 7500mAh Power Bank – $69.99

Hardware | Software

As your blog grows your going to want to move away from a WordPress or some other blogging platform self hosted site to something with more freedom. In the case of WordPress, in order for you to access the endless array of 3rd party plugins that will allow your blog/website to be and perform the way what you want and need, you will need to get web hosting. Everyone has their opinion and pros and cons based on their experiences about which web hosting is the best. They are all more less the same, offering the same or similar  features for more or less the same price points. Personally I use BlueHost and I’ve had no issues and good customer service so far.


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