The Hopper App.

Sometimes the thought of getting away from the office for a long weekend or a couple of days seems like the perfect idea until it comes time to find the cheapest flight. Everyone has a theory; Never book on the weekend, Tuesday is the best day to book, don’t book through a travel agent, the list goes on. The truth is, there are may factors that affect the cost of a flight. Fuel costs, airline competition, the season in both the departure city and arrival city and the number of people flying at any given time. What if there was an app that will keep an eye on the best time to fly. With the hopper app..that’s possible.
Flight pricing is highly complex and confusing, and travelers often don’t have the information they need to get the best deals on flights.” – The Hopper App
Named the best travel app of 2015 by Apple, and highly used in my travel app arsenal, the Hopper App is the only app that notifies you when it’s the cheapest time to fly and buy and it allows you to easily book your ticket right from within the app! That’s good enough for me; simplicity, ease of use and good results. It almost feels like you got a personal travel agent in your pocket keeping an eye on a few flights you got in mind. The minute anything changes from price increase to price decrease she’s calling you up and giving you a heads up. And yes the bunny rabbit is cute.

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The Hopper App

In this video we show you how to use the Hopper app.

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