Keeping your glass half full with the top 3 Wine Tours In Santorini

With lots of wine to taste and wineries to visit, wine tours in Santorini are commonly seen as the Greek version of the Napa Valley.

The island has been historically known to be in the business of making wine for over 3000 years.

No doubt, it is one of the most visually spectacular places in the world. Thanks to its amazing wineries and wine tours.

The vineyards in Santorini are characterized by hot and dry summers, rare rainfalls, strong winds, unique ecosystem, along with its volcanic soil, and amazing indigenous varieties of grapes. These are responsible for the dexterous production of wines with high gastronomic value.

Many wineries in the island offer tours and wine tasting to showcase the uniquely intense and complex character of their wines.

Truth be told I’m more of a beer and hard liquor type of fellow myself and when it comes to wine I prefer Ice Wine. That being said I love wine tours for the scenery, history, and stories. Here are the top 3 wine tours in Santorini.

If you’re looking for more to do around Santorini in addition to wine tasting we put together a guide called 3 Days In Santorini.


Santorini: Half-Day Wine Adventure Tour

Travel in small groups to visit some of the most exceptional wineries in Santorini. This 4.5-hour tour of the island’s countryside calls for a more personalized and intimate experience. This is where visitors can learn about the local viticulture that makes the act of growing vines on the island so unique. Beginning from a vineyard on the black volcanic soils all through the distinct basket vines, the tour covers the most traditional cellars of the island. Santorini’s distinctive means of production has earned the island its global respect.

Most tours don’t cover some of the hidden parts of the island where parts of Santorini’s history are unveiled through its winemaking. These wineries which have been well-acclaimed by international experts expose visitors to the deep history of the island with a range of renowned Greek wine styles such as Vinsanto, Nykteri, and Assyrtiko.

Santorini: Grand Tour ‘Magnum’ Private Wine Tour

For centuries, several traditional techniques of wine production have been applied on the Aegean Sea where barrel-aged wines and naturally fermented assyrtiko are explored. For a perfect overview of winemaking in Greece and Santorini, embark on a full-day wine tasting journey for a personalized experience.

With over 20 different styles of wine, cheese and local snacks to enjoy, the tour covers the 5 top winemaking estates of the island with a full local lunch at any of the wineries. Stand a chance to taste all the different types of sublimely sweet vinsanto wines, spicy reds, and crisp whites. Inside each winery, opportunities are available for a private cellar tour.


wine tours in santorini

Santorini: 4-Hour Sunset Wine Tour

On this picturesque island, the tour covers 2 Santorini wineries in different locations. Learn about the distinct viticulture of Santorini while taking a walk in a volcanic vineyard. Sample a variety of fine wines made from indigenous grapes including Vinsanto, Nykteri, and Assyrtiko. Enjoy a Santorini sunset at the final stop after a 4-hour wine tour of the island.

Accompany the wine tasting with a platter of local delicacies while visiting wine cellars and exploring a volcanic vineyard.

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