What To See In Lisbon In 2 Days

So you’ve arrived in the beautiful country of Portugal and you’re wondering what to see in Lisbon in 2 Days. Well, Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and is one of Europe’s most alluring and Catholic cities.

Mary Lussiana says, “This charming capital, which combines sea views, steep hills and old world manners with a vibrant nightlife, is a joy to visit”.

Heroic navigators ventured from here in the 15th and 16th centuries to sail to unknown waters and new lands, thus the tradition of this golden age of Discovery supports much of the city’s culture and heritage. Lisbon is a lively and vivid haven and is renowned for its warm and sunny disposition. Sold? Great, let’s get started!

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Day One

what to see in Lisbon in 2 days

Commerce Square
Your 2 days in Lisbon should start here at the old trading post. This square is also called Terreiro do Paco, which was made in place of Ribeira Palace that was destroyed by earthquake 1755. Many festivities, concerts, processions and even executions took place over the last centuries.

what to see in lisbon in 2 days
what to see in lisbon in 2 days

Tram 28
When planning what to see in Lisbon in 2 days, most visitors travel on tram 28 to climb the steep hill from Baixa to the castle and Alfama. These trams are an integral part of the Lisbon public transport network. Visitors are fond of riding on the number 28 tram so you 48 hours in Lisbon must include it.

48 hours in lisbon
what to see in lisbon in 2 days
what to see in lisbon in 2 days

Pastries – A Padria Portuguesa
Luckily for us, the final stop for Tram 28 is right in front of A Padria Portuguese. When and if you are able to finally decide what you want to have breakfast you would have to take a token and wait for your turn.

It’s a popular spot so it can get hectic. all the time waiting, mouth watering will convert into a soothing feeling when you finally have that ‘Pao de Deus’ (Heavenly bread) in front of you.

It is incredible. Portuguese pastries are incredible. The fish and seafood are incredible and the way the do chicken with that peri-peri sauce is also incredibly, incredible. My good friend Zara Quiroga from Backpack ME sent me the 2nd edition of her ultimate Lisbon food guide – Lisbon In 100 Bites. The pictures are simply stunning and along with the descriptions, it’s guaranteed to get your tummy rumbling. Trust me. Plus its only $9.99

what to see in lisbon in 2 days

Lisbon Cathedral
If you’re still debating what to see in Lisbon in 2 days then consider Lisbon Cathedral. This ancient cathedral was made by the first king of Portugal in 1150 for the city’s first bishop. It has two tower bells and a beautiful rose window and it resembles a medieval fortress while inside it looks Romanesque with a Gothic choir.

If you take 28 Tram, it will take you pass or to the cathedral.

Graça Church
The church of Graca was built in the 16th century. This unique monument highlights the robust character in its Mannerist façade which has a doorway topped by a double front with beautiful angles above it. Four Atlas style figures are placed at four corners which symbolize the four rivers.

Rossio Square
This beautiful place is always occupied by people who want to sit and relax here. In the center of the square, there is a monument and two fountains on either side of it.

Castle of St George
This gorgeous castle can be seen from every part of the city. However trekking up to the castle will cut into your 2 days in Lisbon. It was served as a Moorish royal residence in the 6th century. The main gate of the castle has a statue of King Afonso Henriques and a series of cannons to remember the purpose of the castle.

what to see in lisbon in 2 days
what to see in lisbon in 2 days
what to see in lisbon in 2 days

Cristo Rei
During your 2 days in Lisbon, this 90ft structure of Christ which welcomes you to Lisbon must be seen. You have to take the commuter ferry from Cais do Sodre station to reach here.

Day Two

What To See In Lisbon In 2 Days

what to see in lisbon in 2 days

Jerónimos Monastery
As you plan what to see in Lisbon in 2 days consider taking a trip out to the Belem District and starting here at Jerónimos Monastery. It was made by King Manuel in1502 on the site of a hermitage where Vaco DA Gama and his crew spent last night before leaving the India.

what to see in lisbon in 2 days
what to see in lisbon in 2 days

Monument to the Discoveries
The Age of discoveries started in 1415 when Vasco De Gama discovered a shorter way to India. This monument was built for the 1940 World Exhibition.

what to see in lisbon in 2 days

Belém Tower
This tower was built in the early 16th century, which dominates the architecture style of Manueline. This is made up of lioz limestone.

what to see in lisbon in 2 days

Sintra: The Pena National Palace
This is the best example of 19th-century architecture. This is a must-visit destination for tourists. That said, if you want to spend more time in Sintra, Laura Robinson from The Life of Lady L wrote an awesome post called “A Sweet Sojourn to Sintra.

What To See In Lisbon In 2 Days

Personally, I think Lisbon is underrated. 2 Days in Lisbon will definitely give you a new appreciation of what a great city it is. Need I remind you Portugal is connected solely by Spain on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. This means fresh seafood. So please do not come here and not have seafood or at least try fish.

They got catching fish and preparing fish locked and mastered. However, they also know how to prepare chicken. The best chicken I had was in Portugal. The use this delicious secret spice sauce called

The use this delicious secret spice sauce called Peri-Peri on the chicken and the fish and the meat…it’s incredible. The Portuguese also make incredible pastries as I mentioned earlier. Speaking of food, for the true foodie pick up Lisbon In 100 Bites the ultimate Lisbon food guide by Zara Quiroga. Awesome stuff!

Lastly, on one of your evenings please take in a Fado Show. Otherwise known as the Portuguese Blues. It’s the one thing I didn’t get to do but I did see a Fado show in Toronto when I returned from Lisbon and I highly recommend the emotional rollercoaster ride.

The local beer of Portugal is Sagres so I wrote a little something about it called Sagres in Lisbon. For more on beer and travel visit our infamous The Local Beer Movement

Find out more about some famous Lisbon festivals: Lisbon’s Most Exciting Festivals

what to see in lisbon in 2 days
what to see in lisbon in 2 days
what to see in lisbon in 2 days
what to see in lisbon in 2 days

Marisqueira do Lis
This place is renowned for best service and tasty seafood. Everything is fresh and perfect here.


48 hours in lisbon


So, 2 days in Lisbon. Well in order to maximize your time, you gotta figure out your bearings; Where are you now, where is your accommodation, where are the things want to see, do, eat and drink and what is the fastest way to move in between it all
So we created a custom guide and map that highlights where all the places we visited can be found.

48 Hours in Lisbon


48 hours in lisbon


Pedro’s location is close to the metro line and in the old city. The famous Tram 28 actually passes by his accommodation. The room is all you need and the kitchen is a great bonus.

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48 hours in lisbon

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